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There are two different ways for you to invest: the Loan Program and the Partnership Program.


Loan Program

This is the basic program. We will pay you 10% interest on your minimum investment of $400,000. It will be a loan from you, so you will not be a part owner in the building. You will start earning interest immediately upon deposit of the funds, and payments can be structured according to your wishes. This option has the least risk to you, as you will receive monthly payments regardless of what is going on with the building that is subsequently purchased.

TOTHO Inc :: Loan Program and Partnership Program

Partnership Program

This is the program that truly makes us unique. Invest a minimum of $400,000, and you will become a part owner in a commercial building with TOTHO as your managing partner. We will purchase a building worth at least five times your investment, and you will own 20% of it. For example, if you invest $1,000,000, we will use it to buy a property worth at least $5,000,000, and you will own 20% of the property. All of the properties that we are currently considering are returning over 10% annually in net income. In the same example, your $1,000,000 investment would provide you with income of over $100,000 each year plus any equity appreciation. The annual income and equity would be expected to increase over the years as inflation affects the market.

This should be thought of as a long term investment, but when you are ready, you can sell your ownership interest to other parties. If you wish, we will try to buy you out before we buy another property of equal value. Selling the entire property may occasionally be the best option as well. Your equity is inheritable, giftable, and saleable.

You can think of this as similar to a REIT, but with more control and no middle men to take a piece of your income or equity. Remember that while we handle the management duties, this is a partnership. We can tailor the type and location of property to what you are most comfortable with.

Email or call us with any questions. We enjoy talking about making money, and do not mind educating you even if you are fairly sure this investment is not for you.


Partnership Program Timeline

Time Frame
$ Required
$ Refundable
$ Earned
None Required
Agreement / Property Search

1 - 4 Weeks

8 - 12 Weeks
100% minus actual escrow expenses.
At this point, you will be a part owner of the property, so your money is not "refundable", but you may sell your interest.
10% Income + Equity Appreciation


You can also become a partner immediately by buying 20% - 40% of a property that we already own.

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