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This site will explain how you can get 10%+ return on your money, which is used to purchase commercial real estate. You can loan us the money at 10% interest or become a partner and earn more.

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Our techniques and business practices are not difficult, creative, or new. We are practicing the same buy and hold techniques that have been making people wealthy (or wealthier) for hundreds of years. We target properties in steady, moderate growth locations, not boom/bust cities. Income, as well as equity, should increase most years, regardless of what may be happening in other regional housing markets.

Since we will generally make an offer on the single best property anywhere in the United States at any given moment, you probably don't live in the same state as the property we will purchase. With our programs, you don't need to worry about any property management hassles. You are either the "lender", or the "silent partner" in the deal, depending on which program you choose. We do all the work from beginning to end.

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Please click the Programs button to learn about the two ways you can get involved – and begin putting your money to work for you.


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